The week has been huge for small businesses with finance minister Joe Hockey announcing tax rate reduction for small businesses - from 30% to 28.5% -  in the coming financial year 2015-2016. Plus, the immediate tax deduction for business purchases of up to $20,000 per item. Big grin on your face huh? :)

Begining 21st of April 2015, Google has changed its search algorithm to check for mobile responsiveness of the websites that show up in mobile search results and accordingly award points and improved ranking for such. Huh! Having a mobile responsive website is no more a luxury - it has become a necessasity.

There exists a large confusion between a mobile app and a mobile website. More often the unclear objectives lead to this uncertainty. No matter what you want, having a crystal like objective is must. A website can be just a brand representation, or go much beyond by offering even the complex services online.

As much with the physical store ,it is important for you to secure your Magento store . In fact, even more so, because your site is accessible and open 24/7 !

Here are some of the tips in securing your store.

Literally a CMS itself is an web application which let us, manage the content and various assets of the website easily.. Basically the website created using CMS are supposed to be highly flexible, and easy to manage and update. Most popular CMS of these days are free to