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Instagram Post on Magento

Instagram Post on Magento

This module extracts your instagram posts according to the number of post you have configured on the backend configuration of module; and presents with caption, likes count and comment count on frontend. Which can be embed in cms pages or on blocks according to your preferences.

FeatherFox Boutique
Compatible with version 1.9x
Products carousel by Category

Products carousel by Category

This module fetches all the products of a category and presents on frontend in carousel form. Configuring numerous category id on backend enables same number of product carousels on frontend.

FeatherFox Boutique
Compatible with version 1.9x
Compare View

Compare View

Compare View is the sophisticated feature which go side by side with Grid View and List view. This extension enables a new view for the products to compare features coherently. The features to sort product features by ascending/descending instantly via compare table header added more flexibility for the user.

Crown Commercial Group
Compatible with version 1.9x

View Some Of The Live Sites Using Our Picture Framing Application

modern art framing
Modern Art Framing
art world pod
Art World POD
art print on demand
Art Print On Demand

Looking For A Web Based Print On Demand Ecommerce Store?


If you're after poster ecommerce store like Art World POD with framing features, then our replicted POD solution can help you. If you're a independent artist like Kenduncan, who want to build own online presence with all the artwork featured for sale, you can try our independent development solution.


Getting An Online Poster Shop Is Easy With Websupreme

  • 10000+ Posters & Prints
  • Fixed & Custom Sizes
  • Any Quantiy
  • In association with ArtWorldPod (Chamton)

Lets get to work then
posters POD stores

 Bookr, online reservation system


Bookmate is an powerful online reservation system, developed by Websupreme. Having realized the need of an easy and effective online reservation solution, Websupreme developed Bookmate to simplify the day to day business opeation by letting users/customers book the resource online, and business/admin manage their resource on the go. Industry specialzed platform, built in resource manager and integrated scheduling calender saves time and money of both business owner and customers.

Features of Bookmate

Easy Online Reservation of Anything

Business is after all a rupture, everything need to be organized to accomplish even a tiny goal. So to transform the cookie clutter resource mismanagement into a organized set, and let customer to book the available resource online, Bookmate is a perfect solution.

Easy Scheduling

With a perfect online scheduling calendar, Bookmate makes it easier to schedule resources, equipments and appointment easily. All the Scheduling can be done through one dashboard.

Powerful Dashboard

What if you can check all tha important and subsequent inforamtion regarding your resources and the insight in one dashboard? That's what possibole with Bookmate. All in one dashboard helps admin to analyze the insight within no time.

Easy Administration and User Management

There are different platform and dashboard for user and administration. Administrator can maintain all the reservation system and user will be able to find appointment, resources and service and book them live.

See Bookmate Live!